Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hannabelle: "I told you so".

Recently, a Mille Lacs Academy (NEXUS) sex offender escaped from the unlocked correctional facility. Apparently nobody working at the institution noticed he was missing for two hours. Where did he go? Well, presumably, he bee-lined to Onamia councilman Bill Hill's grocery store parking lot to steal a car. Maybe he didn't bee-line. Maybe he walked around in town for awhile. I don't know. We don't know. They don't let us know... No matter, the end result is that he stole a car and drove it all the way across the county and all the way to St. Cloud, Minnesota. The escaped convict is thirteen years old. Should he be driving??? hmmm. While "on the lam", he stole a laptop computer and pornography. This in itself might indicate the sick nature of these criminals.
When the "poor, troubled boys" are moved to the new facility, where will they go when they escape? Well, what do you think? Where will they find cars to steal out here?

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