Saturday, April 11, 2009

Doth Thous Protesteth Too Much?

One of the most puzzling aspects of my current situation - i.e. sex offender treatment center "professionals" brutally trying to destroy my life - one suing me for calling him "Poopsie" and the other one suing me because I caused him "embarrassment", and the big Motherload waiting in the wings with yet another law suit pending, is why on earth would they go to such lengths and expense to persecute me? Little ol' Hannabelle isn't any threat to them.

Or am I?

Hmmm. One wonders why they refused to communicate with me. I've talked about their Silent Treatment before. But if you think long and hard about it, their behavior does not even make sense. It's a bit over the top... Why wouldn't they just listen to me? Aren't these people supposed to have training in psychology, public relations, you know - mental health stuff... Didn't they know the importance of "being heard"? Instead, they bullied me. And of course, that didn't work. But wouldn't you think that they would change their strategy then? Aren't they used to working with "troubled children"? It makes me wonder how they treat their clients. LESTER! KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF BOBBY'S PEEPEE OR WE WILL SUE THE LIFE OUT OF YOU!!!!

Other than sitting on them (which sometimes kills a child) how do these professionals deal with their clients. I've received emails from parents which say that the MLA isn't a very nice place... But, the quality control of sex offender institutions is not my business. That is someone else's fight. Quality control of my family's life IS my business. Freedom of Speech IS my business.

Remember when the Poopster told me that he was going to sic all the MLA employees on me? What was THAT all about? I got a lot of anonymous comments on this blog, some of them very threatening. I never said that Poops is the one who sent me the death threats, although that is an issue he cites in the lawsuit. Kind of paranoid, if you ask me... (or grasping at straws in a bogus law suit). But he DID say he was basically gathering his army to make war with Hannabelle .... Why? Why not just act professional in dealing with a disgruntled neighbor who doesn't want sexually disturbed men right down her street? Why summons the troops? Why all the fuss? Yup. After only two years, I DO wonder what all the fuss is about. Not my fuss. Theirs. Specifically, his...

There's got to be more to it than meets the eye. Even Poopsie can't have an ego THAT big. This law suit is costing tens of thousands of dollars. And although it's probably greens fees to him, and R2D2 will most likely split the bill, why would they keep harassing and attacking me over something that definitely is a Done Deal? Why is it so essential to "get" Hannabelle? Or at least, to get Hannabelle to "go away" or shut up? What do you think they are afraid of? What do you think THEY think I'll find if I keep digging?

They sued me AFTER I removed the one specific blog entry they threatened to sue me about. Kind of like invading Iraq over weapons of mass destruction that weren't there. Why did they persist? They sued me just a few months before the bulldozers destroyed the property and the buildings went up. Didn't they figure it out that after the government bent over backwards to give them everything they wanted and after they destroyed my neighborhood, there was nothing more to fight about? I fought hard. Gave two years of my life to try to keep them from stealing my privacy, my rights, my higher tax dollars, my lower property values, my ..... bank account.... I know I lost. So why do they keep going after me?

It's a stupid law suit. Frivolous. A textbook SLAPP suit. An abuse of our justice system. A waste of the Court's time. And it was totally unnecessary. And yet, they went ahead with it. Why?

Maybe its time to lift the anonymous commenter ban and let anybody send me interesting information about Nexus. The question is: What are they hiding, and why are they so intent on destroying me?

The plot, as they say, thickens.

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