Monday, March 30, 2009

Me and Bobby McGee...

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

I know that some of my enemies, perhaps even possibly the judge, have been waiting for Hannabelle to comment on the court's denial of her Motion to Dismiss what we now refer to as the "Free-angelo Vendetta".

What exactly is the Free-angelo Vendetta? (There's nothing free about it...) It is a bogus law suit brought against Hannabelle with the purpose of 1.) removing her First Amendment rights to freedom of speech in order to silence her; 2) using her as a scapegoat to intimidate others from speaking out; 3) punishing her through the financial hardships incurred through being caught in our unfair justice system.

As if suing me will gain him the respect he apparently so desperately craves from me, Poopsie and his sidekick have painted us into an awkward and expensive corner from which there seems no simple escape. You see, not only is it costly to be sued, nor is it cheap to sue, even if the two Sewers split the massive legal bills. Of course, for such wealthy scumbags, its just lunch money at the country club. Its a little harder for a disabled woman on a low fixed income. (No Golden Parachute from which to pay MY lawyers...) Hardly a level "playing field" for Free-angelo's beloved "game".

This is exactly what I meant when I said that Poopsie is a guy who "preys on the elderly and infirm" - one of my phrases objected to in the law suit. Do you think Poopsie would have sued me if I was a rich, powerful MAN who had millions to pay my lawyers in between my vacations to Palm Springs and Italy? I doubt it. Just like he chose a neighborhood of elderly widows and disabled folks to force his sex offenders into, i.e. a group of innocent, regular people without the means to fight back, he has used his wealth to crush the poor disabled gal with the mouth.

Does it surprise me that the judge ruled against my Motion to Dismiss? Not at all. First of all, she's a Republican. They never seem to grasp reality. She doesn't appear to even understand the SLAPP laws. Also, since Poopsie LIED on his sworn affidavit, and the judge hasn't heard all of the evidence we have against the Plaintiffs yet, I don't really blame her. She said that the SLAPP law is "meant to be a shield, not a sword".

A sword. I was pretty proud of that. :) My words are a powerful sword - so damn scary that two powerful, controlling men didn't even have the nerve to face me in court. Yes. That's right. I did not have the opportunity to face my accusers. Let's face it. Their behavior sure doesn't make them look good. Its like "PLEASE JUDGE! MAKE HER STOP!!!! SHE KEEPS CALLING ME 'POOPSIE' AND IT IS SOOOOO EMBARRASSING!!!!"


Just like when Poopsie wrote the the mayor begging him to control Hannabelle. If it weren't so tragic, it would be downright laughable. HER WORDS ARE A SWORD!!!! MAKE HER STOP!!!! PLEASE!!!!! OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!


I hate wimpy guys. Neither of these yahoos had the balls to face Hannabelle. They were too afraid to talk on the phone. (CLICK!) Didn't answer emails ("I don't want to give you the satisfaction," he said smugly.) And never once COMMUNICATED to me NICELY. It was all DO WHAT I SAY, WENCH - OR MY GREAT AND POWERFUL LAWYERS WILL BRUTALLY DESTROY YOU!!!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!!

So what. Do what ya gotta do, big boy.

"I'd trade all my tomorrows for a single yesterday..."

Once they decided to build that horrible facility to house their sex offenders in my front yard, everything was ruined. You know, these assholes never even said they were sorry. They are not polite people. They never apologized to my MOM for stealing HER happiness and ruining HER life. LISTEN UP, OLD WOMAN. WE'RE PUTTING 94 CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS IN YOUR FRONT YARD. ITS AN UNLOCKED FACILITY AND THEY FREQUENTLY ESCAPE!!!! JUST TRY TO SLEEP NOW OLD HAG!!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!! In fact, Poopsie blamed ME for her perforated ulcer. That would also be laughable if not so tragic.

I thought it was important to inform the government about the character of the Nexusians who were demanding tax abatement. You know, lying and misleading in order to gain public funding. (Wow. Nexus sounds a lot like Wall Street!) Everything I wrote was with the intent to influence the government. BUT NOW, HANNABELLE!!! ITS TOO LATE!!!! YOU CAN'T USE YOUR SWORD ANY LONGER AND CLAIM PROTECTION FROM THE SLAPP LAW!!!

Hell. I guess you'll just have to sue me some more, you habitual Sewers. Apparently, this judge didn't even know that we webmasters have statistics with the IP addresses of everyone who visits our web sites. (How 'bout those death threats ;) She didn't seem to realize that I could see when the government was examining my Sword. Yes. My target (no pun intended) audience...

And now? Well... I just don't think its right that any old corporation can dictate what happens to individual citizens, removing our rights, having laws changed to accommodate the needs of the company, and then also take away our right to complain. Using the legal system this way - as with the Free-angelo Vendetta - is wrong. Its kind of like being legally raped.

Listen up boys. There are at least two things you might as well give up on. You will NEVER succeed in forcing me to shup up. And you will NEVER succeed in forcing me to respect you.

Oh, by the way... the Onamia police came down my road the other day and turned around in my mom's yard. From the slow crawl of the patrol car, it was obvious the cop was searching in the area for someone.... An MLA runaway perhaps? It sure wouldn't be the first time. And this BEFORE the sex offenders move in down the street! What will it be like after they're living here???

Anyway, I called my mom immediately. When I asked if she was alright, if the police car scared her, she said, "Well, yes. I thought 'I wonder what she's done now!'"

I thought you'd like that. :)

"Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose,
And nothin' left was all he left to me..."

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