Friday, March 27, 2009

Company Loves Misery

I don't like to make mistakes, but when I do, at least I can admit them. I've made several over the past two years of the Nexus Invasion. Probably my biggest mistake was to count on public support for our "cause". This one bothers me - because I already knew better than to think that other people are like me. Still, I actually believed that people in the community would feel the outrage - about how the Onamia city council was changing laws and removing the rights of citizens; how the public was being misled and outright lied to; and especially how Mayor Larry Milton and the Onamia city council, and Commissioner Frank Courteau and the county board pushed through tax abatement so that Nexus doesn't have to pay property taxes while WE pick up the slack... If nothing else riled up the meek, I was sure THAT would. But, apparently, if there's one thing Mille Lacs County citizens love better than convicted sex offenders, its higher taxes. At least, that's the only explanation that makes sense. They must love sex offenders and higher taxes, or there would have been some outrage... So you see, I was mistaken. I admit it.

But I should have remembered that people are different. I've never hesitated to risk my neck when it came to matters of principle. I'd be ashamed of myself if I didn't stand and shout, "THIS IS WRONG!" I guess it comes down to a person's moral courage. I must say I haven't witnessed much courage - moral or otherwise in my fellow citizens. I have seen lots of apathy - there's nothing we can do anyway ; fear - Oh Hannabelle, what if we offend someone? ; ignorance - "THEY'RE NOT SEX OFFENDERS!" ("Well, Jerome, actually they are..."). I've seen people roll over and play dead. I've felt the nervous anxiety in people who are afraid of losing their jobs if they speak up against Nexus. People who crumble under the threat of being "no longer welcome in town." This sort of intimidation, hard-ass tactics, along with the propaganda and lies not only show me how right I've been and how horribly wrong the city council and county commissioners have been about a very bad company, it all makes ME want to fight against the wrongfulness all the more. And yes I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Oh, not the fighting. I'm very proud of that. I'm a "give me Liberty or give me death" kind of gal. The mistake was in overestimating We The People. Its like the old joke: "What do you mean "we" Kimosabe?"

The other huge mistake I made was really not my fault. Like most everybody else, I assumed that the "Sexus" corporation was run by qualified professionals who would behave in a dignified and professional manner. I didn't expect junior high. But really - who knew??? How could you know when so much information has been withheld and so much of the propaganda you've been spoon-fed is false? Isn't this a company which is supposed to be helping people? Don't the non-minimum wage employees have advanced degrees in things like psychology and sociology? Aren't they good people just working to make the world a better place?

On the surface, they might seem like "good neighbors", especially if you listen to what they tell you. But its what they DON'T tell you that you most need to pay attention to. They didn't tell you, for instance, about the eleven year old boy who was killed by a Nexus employee. They didn't tell you about their facility in Fairmont, MN. (Hmmm.) They didn't tell you that they transferred money from one bank account to another and then claimed the transfers as "DONATIONS" in order to gain public funding, (i.e. property tax exemption). They didn't tell you that they provided the county with false figures on their tax abatement application. (I have the documents, Vic. Don't worry. It will ALL come out at trial.) Can you say: Tip of the iceberg?

Now, I'd like to remind you that I didn't pick this fight with Nexus OR the government. THEY imposed themselves on ME. And if it isn't bad enough that they blackmailed the city government into finding them land, changing laws, annexing despite protest, rezoning to suit Nexus; are forcing 94 convicted sex offenders next to day care, children, elderly widows and vulnerable adults; stealing our privacy, ruining our neighborhood, lowering our property values, raising our taxes; breaking their promises, lying about safety, etc. etc. If all of that isn't bad enough, they have demonstrated the nature of their TRUE "cornerstone values", shown their own version of "compassion" and "concern" with a VENDETTA to destroy me, personally. Because I stood up and said, "THIS IS WRONG!" Nice people, huh? Real professionals, huh? Psychology wizards, huh? Good with kids?

Nexus - the Sex Offenders R Us company makes its $40 million per year from misery. The misery of poor, troubled sex offenders. The misery of their victims. The misery of citizens struggling with high taxes who are unaware that their tax dollars are supporting this corporation. This company not only loves misery.... it SPREADS it.

And if you think about how they have treated people who stand up against them, like me... you will see that they have proven me right by their own actions. Its not all about money and power. Mostly, but not all. Its about IMAGE. Without their IMAGE, they can't carry out the scheme to get the money and power. Its not about "helping" anybody but themselves. If you have any doubt at all, just look at how they are using the legal system to deny me my First Amendment rights. They're brutal. And they want YOU to know it. Don't mess with Nexus. Look what they did to Hannabelle.

If you don't feel the outrage, you probably never will. That's okay. I have enough for everyone.

"If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."
George Washington

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