Sunday, July 17, 2011

Peter Freeman Wins His Battle AGAINST Free Speech

On July 7, 2011 Hennepin County 4th District Court Judge Marilyn Brown Rosenbaum granted Nexus Board Member Peter D. Freeman's injunction to compel the removal of an article written by Hannabelle about the court cases against her - specifically, the January 22, 2010 article "No Blood On My Hands". The article contained absolutely no defamation. It was simply an explanation - or DEFENSE - written for people (like Judge Rosenbaum) who just didn't understand my position, my motivation, or my methods. Once again, as he stated in his testimony at my trial, Peter Freeman was embarrassed about what I said. He didn't exactly "claim" - but rather suggested that the possible reason he is having difficulty landing clients at Omicron Dynamics, (his consulting business) was due to Hannabelle exercising her (former) Right to Free Speech on the Internet as she reported about his lawsuits against her.

Rosenbaum's ruling raises some important issues. Should a district judge have the power to control a citizen's speech through censoring our reporting the truth and offering our Constitutionally protected opinions on the grounds that someone is embarrassed by the truth or by the expression of our opinions?

Think of the consequences! Let me give you an example: There has been quite a national hullabaloo recently about the verdict in the Casey Anthony case. Not since the O.J. Simpson verdict has there been such an outpouring of opinion over a trial. Yet, imagine if a Minnesota District Court Judge rules that no one is allowed to talk about it? Should we never mention it again? Just pretend it never happened? Or do we have the right to discuss our opinions about the case, the verdict, - whatever our views may be? Minnesota Court of Appeals Judge Connelly ruled in my case that Freedom of Speech extends to the Internet. Does that mean that we are free to express our opinions on a blog? Or can Judge Rosenbaum shut us all down if she doesn't like what we wrote (even if it is the truth)?

From the beginning of the Nexus/Onamia takeover of Bradbury Township in 2007, I have made some pretty bold statements and several predictions. Unfortunately, almost all of them have already come true. Now, I'd like to warn you about the outcome of Judge Rosenbaum's censorship. It might be just one innocent article on an unimportant person's blog - at first. But if someone doesn't do something to stop this, Freedom of Speech will soon be a wistful memory. I'm doing what I can to stand up for Free Speech. But I can't do it alone. We must all protect our rights. Or - alternatively, we shall have no rights.

Peter Freeman blames me for his lack of clientele. I could also blame him for my lack of a buyer. I've not been able to sell our farm in Onamia. I think it is due to that sex offender institution down on the corner. But can I say that? Will Nexus SLAPP me with another defamation lawsuit? Will Judge Rosenbaum order that I cannot express my opinion? Or will she say that Freeman has more rights than I do?

Personally, I believe that if I must tear down my article because of perceived potential damage to Freeman's client list, then - to be fair - Freeman must tear down his sex offender institution because of perceived potential damage to my buyers list. What do you think? Does anyone dare express their opinions anymore?

If you're not outraged, you're no paying attention.

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