Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Nation with liberty and defamation for all

By now, everyone who reads me knows about former Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo suing me because I called him "Poopsie" and said that he was "arrogant". And that Nexus board member Peter D. Freeman sued me because I embarrassed him when I said in a personal, confidential email that he was engaging in "unethical, immoral, and possibly even illegal" activities. (It wasn't defamation - it was my constitutionally protected opinion plus the truth. What he was involved with really is illegal*.) The Nexus Corporation sued me because after a zoning public hearing I used an idiom - saying that Nexus "got away with murder."

Now, for all of you who were so shocked and horrified by me - to the point where you think I deserved to be sued and harassed for four years, losing everything - my life savings, my music publishing business, my home, my community, my neighborhood, my friends, and my reputation - because I tried to do what I believed was the right thing to do (i.e. keep governmentally imposed sex offenders away from day care and vulnerable elderly widows and stand up for everyone's rights) here' a video for you to watch. (This means you too Victor... Marilyn? No, I don't suppose so...)

Now, please pay attention not only to the words of Bill Maher, but also to the words used in the discussion about his words. Everyone is bashing everyone - and it seems a bit worse than anything I ever said.... and keep in mind, I was trying to protect my family and save my neighborhood. Also, please take special note of the repeated use of the idiom "getting away with murder" - the exact specific phrase Nexus sued me for saying.

So do you still think I deserved to have my life ruined because I called poor D'Angelo "Poopsie"?
Should I have been judged the way I've been? Or alternatively, should Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman sue Bill Maher? And should Bill Maher sue Sean Hannity and his two guests?

Why is Freedom of Speech a Constitutional Right for all American citizens - except for me? Hennepin County 4th District Court Judge Marilyn Brown Rosenbaum recently censored one of my articles - "No Blood on My Hands - Peter D. Freeman", ordering me to remove it from the Mille Lacs News, although there was no defamation in it. It was just an article to let you know what's going on with the lawsuits. Freeman said that simply by my writing about the lawsuit he himself instigated, he was embarrassed and therefore the article should be removed. What kind of person, let alone a judge would buy into that kind of crap? At this point, I will refrain from further comment.

Lots to think about... Lots to talk about... and, lots to write about...

*Minnesota Statute 462.357

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