Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trial Without Jury

Your Honor,
I plead NOT GUILTY by reason of temporary insanity.
For a minute there, I was crazy enough to believe
we still had Freedom of Speech!

Dear Readers,

Just to keep you up to date - the "Injunction Hearing" took place on December 29, 2010, Judge Marilyn Rosenbaum presiding. Plaintiffs James D'Angelo and Peter Freeman, having dropped their first harassment lawsuit against me were seeking a judgment (injunction) to control my speech - both past and future. What can I leave on my blog and what must I remove? What can I say in the future without getting in trouble? D'Angelo and Freeman have demanded that I never be able to say anything about them or the Nexus relocation again.

The result? Well... The judge is still out. (Normally the phrase is: the jury is still out... but I was deprived of my trial by jury). It's now more of the Hurry-Up-And-Wait that I've come to expect after three years in the legal system as the courts try to decide whether or not there should still be Free Speech in this country and if a citizen can or cannot use WORDS (oh my! Those pesky little dangerous weapons- like "Poopsie"!) to defend herself when attacked by a 40 million dollar corporation hell-bent on forcing her to live next to their sex offenders.

So while D'Angelo and Freeman fight to rule over the Constitution by removing my right to free speech, I continue to fight for what I've been fighting for since the beginning of the Nexus/Onamia city council take-over: the privilege of being left alone.

But Who Is Sorry Now
You Really Hurt,
You Used To Take And Deceive Me
Now Who Is Sorry Now
You Got A Way Of Making MeFeel So Sorry
I Found Out Right Away
Don't You Come Walkin'-Beggin'
I Ain't Lovin' You
Don't You Get In My Way
('Cause There's A Time WhenYou're Right)
(And You Know You MustFight)
Who's Laughing Baby,
Don't You Know
(And There's The Choice That We Make)
(And This Choice You Will Take)
Who's Laughin' Baby
So Just Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone
(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)
Leave Me Alone
(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)
(Leave Me Alone)
Leave Me Alone-Stop It!
Just Stop Doggin' Me Around
(Just Stop Doggin' Me)
lyrics by M. Jackson

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Reddit said...

I'm following your case. You had a lawyer, but now you are pro se. May I ask why?