Monday, June 16, 2008

The New Lawsuit's Here!


And it's not even my birthday!

NEXUS, the company that just keeps giving and giving.

Is this the way they "work with the community"? Sue the new neighbor repeatedly - (those pesky First Amendment rights) - in bogus SLAPP suits? Please keep in mind that despite my efforts this past year, to COMMUNICATE with these ... people, anyone connected with Nexus refuses to speak with me. STONEWALLED. If not for for the threatening letters and lawsuits from their lawyer, I'd hear nothing but the Sounds of Silence from these "good neighbors". I.e. the Silent Treatment... The Nexusians just keep getting nastier and nastier. More aggressive. Maybe they should ask their psychologists for help with their Anger Management... This aggressive behavior may be hurting their image.

Nobody has ever tried to ease the pain they have brought to my neighbors, my family, or myself. Methinks Nexus has taken on the role of neighborhood bully. Quick! Somebody loan our new neighbor a cup of sugar! They could use a little sweetness. (Vic, that goes for you too.)

If Love means never having to say you're sorry,

Nexus must love me quite a lot...

But I have to compliment them on their cleverness. Nexus operates primarily through tax dollars paid to them through county contracts. Since Nexus functions off tax dollars, they must pay their lawyers with tax dollars. hmm. I am a tax payer. Therefore, they are suing me with my own money! Does that mean I am suing myself?


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