Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Mess of Injustice

You see it all around you - Injustice. Its everywhere. So much so, that you kind of get used to it; much in the same way you get so deconditioned to that stack of papers on the kitchen counter that you don't even notice its there. You don't even see it anymore. Then one day, you can't find the telephone bill. And suddenly you notice that somewhere on the kitchen countertop, it has been buried in an overwhelming sea of papers, articles, documents, and.... city council minutes. Yikes! What happened? How did all of these papers get here? How did I not notice it? Its the same with Injustice. It grows and builds and takes over your kitchen, even seeps into your livingroom. And then - ye gads! - its time to clean house.

I have a personal problem with Injustice. Always have. I get confused when other people don't. For instance, last night I had a brief and uncomfortable conversation with a lady - about the Onamia city council shenanigans for the benefit of a corporation (NEXUS). She told me that there are no bad people. She offered Hannabelle her sage wisdom:

"You should find the good in people."

"I can't find the good in the city council," I said.
"You should look," she said.
"I have looked. Maybe you should show me. I haven't found any," I said.

Maybe its like trying to find the phone bill in reams of paper on the kitchen counter. I've dug through it and all I find is Injustice. No good. Its disgusting. She didn't help me out either. She just got in her car and left. I don't think she liked me. Its okay. I'm used to being ostracized by now. In fact, whenever I go to a different town where people are actually nice to me, I get a little freaked out. I'm not used to kindness or being treated with respect. I'm from Onamia.

Its been nearly a year since a group of people I don't like or respect (and certainly didn't vote for) decided to dump 94 sex offenders into my neighborhood. We have a basic conceptual disagreement. They believe in sacrificing people for the "good of the community" or "public good". I believe in "individual rights" or "individual Freedom". When you start sacrificing individual liberties, the county is in trouble. What is the "community" but a group of individuals? Protect individuals and you will protect the community. To hurt individuals is to hurt the community.

These people have taken away my rights. Talk about "personal attacks..." I was just minding my own business for about thirty years when suddenly, they forced this terrible situation upon me. When I didn't welcome them into my life with open arms, they quickly became rude, nasty bullies. I've been ridiculed, threatened, yelled at, and sued. People, like that lady, don't like Hannabelle because she's mad and trying to fight back against Injustice that they don't see. The city council benefits from what they're doing (or at least think they do). I suffer. Their selfish actions have caused me harm. Damages... Where is the good?

"Maybe the new facility will help some of those boys," the lady said.
"Its not about the boys," I said. Its not okay to sacrifice the lives of individual citizens for a bunch of sex offenders so that a few people will benefit financially. But you know what? Its not okay to sacrifice even one individual needlessly. Not only are we being sacrificed needlessly, we are being sacrificed as a matter of convenience. Its all about money, of course.

NEXUS doesn't have to move. They once had plans to renovate Crosier. But why not spend $14 million dollars of the taxpayers' money to build a fancy new facility? What else are they going to do with your tax money? There were alternatives. They didn't have to ruin our lives to stay in Onamia. But when there is so much money involved, they don't have to listen, they don't have to compromise, they don't have to be respectful, and they don't have to be reasonable. They can take whatever they want, including our individual rights. No. Sorry. I don't see "the good" in any of this. The city council? They can show you the money. They can't show me the "good."

So why is that lady, who claims to "see both sides" of the situation so blind to the Injustice at hand? I dunno. Maybe she hasn't lost her own phone bill yet. When she does, she'll be amazed at the mess of Injustice on her own countertop.

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