Friday, March 7, 2008

Game Over. They Lose.

I'm declaring VICTORY in the D'Angelo/Freeman Defamation law suit.
And that makes me a happy panda.
I guess nobody really "enjoys" getting sued. However, I must admit that I actually had fun with the defamation stuff. I've learned so much, and its all been very interesting. I've worked with three lawyers this past year (My Dream Team) and must confess (but don't tell anybody) that I've grown fond of each of them. Yeah, yeah.... I know. Everybody gives lawyers a bad rap. But to tell you the truth (and I always do), my lawyers turned out to be really decent guys.
I don't mean to brag, but I'm proud of myself for standing up to D'Angelo and Freeman and calling their bluff. The last time I saw D'Angelo, he said, "I think you'll find its not worth it." He was referring to my not backing down after he told me to. Ha! Believe me - its been well worth it ... to have defeated Poopsie, (even if by default). I've always stood behind everything I've written. I am here not to defame anybody but to TELL THE TRUTH - as a matter of principle. And obviously the Truth didn't paint a flattering picture of the former CEO of NEXUS. Of course, that's his own fault. He couldn't prove his case because everything I said about him is true. Hannabelle has prevailed.
I never wrote much about the Peter Freeman part of the case - basically because it was just so ridiculous. Actually, the lawsuit reminded me a bit of Susie and Joanie back in 1974 Duluth. I lived on the Air Force base while my father was in service there. I also attended college at UMD as a music major (except for one quarter where I changed my major to Industrial Arts, in order to learn woodworking, which I deemed very important knowledge.) I hung out at the men's barracks with my friends (once hiding in a closet during a surprise inspection!), played pool at the Officers' and NCO clubs, and partied at Park Point before it became a real park. It was a fun time in my life. We lived nextdoor to a General named Canon. (I'm not making this up.) Anyway, I went out bar-hopping with his daughter and her friend one night. Not my style, I'm afraid. They were nice enough girls, but definite gigglers. Surfing through life on the surface... Seriously, these girls couldn't go to the ladies' room by themselves. "Come WITH me," Joanie pleaded in babytalk, pulling at our hands. "PULEEEZ!" Finally, all three of us ended up in the bathroom where the two girls chattered excitedly about the cute boys at the bar. I remained friendly after that night, but never went out with them again. I'm the kind of gal who does my talking at the table, and I like to pee alone. (Always sitting down, of course. That's a private joke. Don't worry about it.)
I cannot comment on why D'Angelo included Freeman on his bogus defamation law suit. I can just tell you that it made me think of Susie and Joanie back in 1974.
Anyway, its over now. They certainly would have filed in court by now if they thought they had a case. I'm just sad that I will miss the opportunity to see Victor Lund, their lawyer, stand up in front of a judge and shout: Your Honor! She called my client POOPSIE!
That was something I'd looked forward to.

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Way to go, Hannabelle!