Tuesday, August 17, 2010

When Corrections Fail to Correct

Dear Readers,
Well, I didn't get the apology I thought I was due, considering the situation (see previous article). According to a friend of mine who actually purchased a hard copy of the newspaper, I didn't get a correction in the paper where their subscribers could see it. But I DID get a nasty, vindictive letter from the editor and this "correction" on their online website.


Correction In the article “Court reverses Nexus v [Hannabelle]” in the July 28 Messenger, it should have said, Judge John Sommerville didn’t agree with [Hannabelle]. The motion to dismiss was denied by Sommerville.
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I suppose I could make a big stink about this. No corrected dates. Nothing about that I won the appeal... However, my cause isn't what's wrong with the local newspaper (although perhaps yours should be, if you're interested in getting accurate information). Through the years, my noble attempts at encouraging accuracy in their reporting about the Nexus/Onamia coalition have seemingly failed. Coinkidink?
My cause is a what is wrong with the decision of the Onamia city council to represent the interests of a corporation rather than the citizens and the rights of citizens. Oh... and those pesky SLAPP harassment lawsuits... I guess they have also become my cause.
I am very sad that mean-spirited people continue to attack me with accusations of being mean-spirited - whenever I try to set a mis-story straight. I've learned more than a few things these past three years, including:
1. Our First Amendment Rights are precious and MUST be protected.
2. You still have the right to remain silent.
3. Anything you say will probably be used against you - if at all possible.
4. Freedom of Speech isn't free (you have to pay the lawyers).
5. When we exercise our right to free speech, we must be prepared to take responsibility for what we say.
These lessons might seem self-evident. I thought I'd learned them in grade school. But I've been forced to revisit these principles and re-learn them - the hard way. After all that has been said and done, one thing I still maintain: If you have the right to exercise your free speech to write a story about my lawsuits, I have the right to exercise my free speech to correct you when you make mistakes.
(See 5. above)
"It is lamentable, that to be a good patriot one must become the enemy of the rest of mankind."

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