Monday, November 3, 2008

Why You Shouldn't Vote - Part 2

Maybe you're already a political junkie who has enjoyed the campaign season even more than the Friday night beer gardens at Onamia Days. Or maybe you already took my advice and educated yourself about the candidates this election, (including those judges and candidates for school board), have made your choices and are chomping at the bit to get to the polls. Then YES. Go vote.

BUT, are you really sure of the candidate you're voting for? Do you know where this person stands, what their goals are, what their PLANS are? If you don't know who Tim Tinglestad is, why would you vote for him? Why cast your vote for someone running unopposed? To be polite? Don't want to hurt his or her feelings? When you cast your vote recklessly, you may be empowering a stranger who dreams of building that industrial park in YOUR neighborhood. Plus, they can use the record from this election - the record you are providing them with - to campaign for the next election. "Vote for me. I am the incumbant More ignorant people randomly filled in my blank than the other what's-his-face's." And what if they're really awful? What if they are a Kryzer?

Jerome Kryzer is running for re-election on the Onamia City Council. Planning to vote for him? Did you know that he spends the winter down in Arizona? He isn't even here for several months at a time. What kind of councilman is he? Certainly not an involved one. Certainly not a dedicated one.

Who gets the power makes a huge difference. Even though Jerome Kryzer missed so many council meetings that he almost disqualified himself according to state attendance mandates, he still managed to do plenty of damage when he was around - like placing sex offenders next to day care and elderly widows. And he managed to change ordinances to do it, while stripping citizens of their rights. He's proud of it.

So, if you know your candidates and believe in them, vote for them. Just make sure that they've earned earned your vote. Your vote is precious. Make sure they are worthy of your vote. Don't give it to them for nothing. Connect the dots, but don't fill in all the blanks unless you know what you're in for.

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