Sunday, October 5, 2008

Repuglican Convention

Now, I realize that some of you will be offended by this video... (judging from some of the nasty anonymous comments I receive, many of my readers are Republicans...) But here's the deal, folks. John McCain isn't the "hero" he has been hailed simply because he got shot down and captured in Viet Nam. That's just plain ridiculous. Get over it. And certainly, being a POW doesn't qualify him to be president. He keeps talking about the years he's been fighting greed and corruption in the Senate... Well, how's he been doing so far? He's failed. And he thinks we're too stupid to notice. (Unfortunately, too many are...) Check him out. Go beyond the bullshit. He's not the solution. He's part of the problem. He's no hero. He's no maverick. He's no president.

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