Friday, September 19, 2008

Help Hannabelle Fight Corporate Terrorism

Dear Friends,

Freedom of Speech isn't free. But you knew that, right? Well, the time has come to ask for some help in defending not only MY Freedom of Speech, but also YOURS. The First Amendment belongs to us all.

It's hard to believe that a private American citizen can get sued over merely telling the Truth or expressing their opinion.

If you've been following our battle against Nexus and it's agents, you know the story. ( If not, you can EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT on the Mille Lacs News website. In my efforts to stop this atrocious abuse of power by Nexus and the Onamia city government, I presented facts, figures, and my opinion to the public. Yes. At public meetings. Yes. In the local newspaper. Yes. On the Internet. I didn't fold. I didn't pretend that everything was O.K. when it wasn't. I stood up against the Tyranny. I told The Truth, as unflattering as it might be to people like Mayor Larry Milton, former Nexus CEO Jim D'Angelo, Chairman of the Nexus Board of Directors Peter D. Freeman, as well as the Nexus corporation itself.

Can you believe I'm being sued for telling the Truth? Of course, I did refer to James D'Angelo as "Poopsie".... (Egads! How DARE I?) The purpose of their vindictive lawsuit is obvious. They are determined to 1. SILENCE Hannabelle. 2. PUNISH Hannabelle. 3. Make sure none of YOU dare oppose or resist their power. It is a SLAPP - a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.

Neither D'Angelo, Freeman, or Nexus ever attempted to communicate with me or resolve any conflicts. They sicked their high-powered lawyers on me, bullying me with threats and intimidation. NASTY!!! By forcing me to defend myself (I'M INNOCENT!) in this frivilous, bogus, SILLY lawsuit, they are also trying to break my bank. It's effective. These rich bastards (oops! another suit coming my way!) can enjoy torturing Hannabelle, a disabled, chronically ill woman on a small, fixed income with this expensive legal tangle. The months of constant BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEPing from the Nexus building suit must really tickle these sadistic assholes (oops! another suit coming my way!)

Anyway, please help me fight them in court. Show them that this is STILL America, the Beautiful, Land of the Free. This type of Corporate Terrorism, if not nipped in the bud, will spread - like the Virginia Creeper vines killing the few remaining trees on the 38.81 acres... We must take a stand against the Nexus Creeps. (oops!)

I realize that times are tough, but please, if you can, kick in a few bucks for my legal battle. THANK YOU!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Can't help but laugh at this one. You shoot your mouth off all this time and then seem surprised when the people you are castrating want to sue you? It's even funnier still that you beg for donations on your website. You made the bed now lie in it.