Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fear and Ignorance

When Onamia school superintendent John Varner spoke at a public meeting several months ago about "fear and ignorance", he was referring to opponents of the Mille Lacs Academy relocating to Bradbury Township. The "naysayers"... He said that the "kids" from the Academy are not violent, and cause no problems. (One wonders why, if they are so innocent and good, how they ever got convicted?) Varner said a lot more crap that day, but his impassioned, indignant "fear and ignorance" speech really stood out. He was quoted in the Mille Lacs Messenger (actually mentioned three times in one paragraph) and made the Messenger's year end review as well. That's apparently one of the main points of the Pronexus propaganda machine: People who don't want sex offenders in their backyards are fearful and ignorant. Stupid cowards.... [Our] ignorance is the reason [we] are afraid. If only [we] weren't so ignorant [we'd] see there is nothing to fear...

Of course, John Varner may indeed be the ignorant one - that is if he actually believes the crap he's been spewing forth. Maybe he just drank the Kool-aid, ate the pudding, believed the bullshit, or is Pronexus for reasons of his own. The Bradburian Rebels are among the few in the community who have sought and inevitably found out Truth about NEXUS and their PTBs (Poor Troubled Boys). Not only are most Onamians ignorant about Mille Lacs Academy, they are shockingly gullible - believing the lies they've been told by NEXUS, City Hall and the Mille Lacs Messenger. "Well, I read it in the paper. It must be true." Not. There's a conspiracy going on, and a lot of people are working hard to keep the Truth from We the People.

We recently obtained the sheriff's records. Allow me to dispell some of the "ignorance"... Would you think of a seventeen year old male as a "poor troubled boy"? A seventeen year old convicted sex offender that stands 6 foot tall and weighs 200 pounds? How about if he's escaped the institution and is out and about in your neighborhood (possibly looking for a car, YOUR car to steal to get out of town)? Comfy with that? Hmmm? Nothing to fear? What if he has serious psychological and behavioral problems? One of the "developmentally delayed" mentally challenged (retarded) PTBs? How would you feel if you are an 82 year old woman living next door? What if you are disabled and unable to defend yourself against an out-of-control disturbed 6 foot, 200 pound escaped convict? How about if you have young children? (Boys or girls. It doesn't matter...) Do you really want to take a chance? Ya wanna risk it?

"Don't try playing the safety/risk card. It won't work," Jim D'Angelo told me. Hmmph. Well it certainly won't work if the cards are all dealt face down. There's a reason we are not being shown the hand. Because the community wouldn't stand for it if they knew the Truth. (Except for those who stand to gain financially, that is...) So everyone is betting that the cards in the blind contain a Royal Flush. Unfortunately they are betting our lives, our mothers' lives, our children's lives. It only takes ONE joker - ONE crazed escaped convicted sex offender to go too far just ONCE..... I don't know about you, but I like to SEE the cards I'm playing. Royal Flushes are pretty rare. But then, its easy to make reckless bets with other people's chips. Ask country-loving MLA administrator Paul Smith who doesn't want to "live next to a .... school". Paul doesn't live in Onamia. He lives by Foley.

John Varner told us all that these NEXUS "kids" are not dangerous. Apparently the school superintendent didn't do his HOMEWORK! Shame on you John Varner! We requested the sheriff's reports concerning calls made about Mille Lacs Academy PTBs. WE checked them out! Why didn't you? Especially since YOU are playing with OUR lives. Our safety. CEO Jim D'Angelo also claimed there have been no incidences of trouble with the "kids". We got over 180 pages reporting trouble. And that only covered the last seven years. Who knows how many crimes took place in the first ten years or so. Runaways? PTBs walking down the street with their counselors in tow? Not to mention assaults, thefts, missing juveniles, vandalism, fights, attacks on employees... The key here is "not to mention". For God's sake don't you dare report the Truth to the People! Let Vivian write a real report about escaped cows but please don't mention escaped sex offenders! The sheer number of incidences is quite shocking - especially since we were told otherwise. We were lied to over and over again.

Remember Mary? The MLA employee who stood up at a public meeting and chastised we Naysayers for being wrong about those PTBs, about how non-dangerous and untroublesome they are? I still don't get what made her think she had the right to decide for us that sex offenders belong in our neighborhood next to elderly women and day care. And wow-ee-oh-boy did the Pronexus attack Hannabelle for critisizing Good Old Mary.... Geez. Well folks, it turns out that There's Something About Mary after all. At least according to one of the sheriff's reports. Something about indecent exposure and assault... Of course, this incident occurred after she had sung the Academy's praises and tried to convince us we were merely IGNORANT and had nothing to FEAR. So.... Shame on you, Mary. And shame on all of the rest of you Pronexus who lied to us.

Perhaps City Hall is the worst of the worst. Not only have they lied to us, but by forcing these violent, disturbed convicted sex offenders (who frequently escape the institution) into our previously safe neighborhood, Larry Milton, Bill Hill, Bob Mickus, Mark Loch, and the missing-the-action Jerome Kryzer are guilty of Reckless Public Endangerment. Is Pronexus city clerk Kathleen McCullum aiding and abetting? Well, what does she care about where "our" sex offenders live - They won't be in her backyard. She lives in Malmo, in Aitkin County.
But the Fear Factor is not restricted to the risk of the sex offenders. People in Onamia also live in fear - of losing their jobs (a threat made by Mayor Larry Milton), of never working in the city again (threat made by Mayor Larry Milton), fear of being persecuted and prosecuted, fear of physical harm or death (threats made towards Hannabelle by members of a MLA employee's family), fear that people will get mad and won't like them anymore, fear that if there's a fire in Bradbury Township, the fire department won't come. Yes, there certainly is a lot of FEAR and IGNORANCE in this town. In that Varner was correct. He just misdirected his statement. And he should have included himself...

Why don't more citizens support their Bradbury neighbors across the Rum? You probably already guessed it! Yep. Fear and ignorance. Fear and ignorance. Fear and ignorance.

Wednesday, January 9th at 4:30 pm there is a public hearing for the proposed spot zoning of the NEXUS property (formerly the Grosslein property). If you have any courage and intelligence, I advise you all to attend. Don't let your own fear and ignorance keep you from stopping the City Government from successfully committing MISFEASANCE. This government is like those out-of-control sex offenders - in need of a take-down.

We must be brave. We must be smart. Its time to turn over the cards and take a look at the Truth. The deck has been stacked, my friends. Its time to insist on an honest game, one played by the rules.


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