Monday, July 30, 2007

There's Something About Mary...

I don't suppose any of you saw that movie. Did ya? It was a hoot.

Well, this ISN'T about "Mary", but I see you are bound and determined to make it so. Okay. I can deal with it.

"Mary" is extremely lucky to have supporters like you. You are all very loyal to her, and loyalty is an admirable quality - in most cases. Perhaps she can learn a thing or two from you - about loyalty.

I don't know about "Mary's" professional life, nor do I care. It's none of my business. She might be the world's greatest counselor, for all I know. That's not important to me. That's NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

What matters to me is that after all my years in the community, and after all the time I spent listening to her personal problems (like a friend would), when I needed all the LOYALTY I could get, "Mary" betrayed me. Maybe "Mary" was used... (City Hall was strategically stacked with Nexus "ringers" that day), but if that were so, it was still her choice to stand up before the city council and support the relocation of Mille Lacs Academy to my neighborhood. And in doing so, she may have been loyal to her employer, but she was very disloyal to me. If it had been anyone BUT "Mary", it might not have hurt me so badly. Again, she wasn't a stranger, but someone I'd known and trusted for a long time.

She could have been loyal to both, had she simply considered my neighborhood's wishes about not wanting the MLA here, and suggested that it be built, certainly, but on a different location. She could have. She didn't.

Naturally, I support her right to her opinion, as well as her right to free speech. I can also understand her loyalty to her job. However, personally I was disappointed in "Mary". She chose to mind MY business; had drawn conclusions about my life and imposed them on me - disgarding my life, taking away my right of self-determination, (a thing we should all hold dear). And she did it for the betterment of her own life - and she was zealous in her cause.

In our Petition, we gathered signatures from people who opposed the relocation of MLA to the Grosslein/Bye property. These people would be directly affected by the Nexus deal. "Mary", who had NO stake in the 38 acre location, gathered signatures (for the mayor's counter-petition) from her friends and relatives, including those living in southern Minnesota. She actively pursued the placement of the facility out of her own neighborhood - and into mine, despite knowing of my opposition.

Of course, when the facility moves from it's current location, property values in the Crosier neighborhood will go UP, while ours, if it's located here, of course will go down.

I realize that nobody reading this will "get it." At least you haven't so far. No matter what I say, you will twist it, attack me, make your accusations against me; accusations which keep getting bizarrer and bizarrer... Obviously, none of you know me. And is it true that someone is actually threatening to kill me, or suggesting that I should be killed because I don't want to live next to a juvenile sex offender facility? Wow. What a country.

Nope. I won't apologize to "Mary". She could have stood up for her own beliefs without imposing them upon us and without making judgements about our lives.

Just like you could, if you'd abandon your lynch-mob mentality and realize that in this conflict we have here, THERE IS NOTHING ABOUT MARY.

"Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends."
Alexander Pope (1688-1744)


Leland said...

A 'greasy woman' who pumped your gas was a long time friend. Turn around and you are the forlorn and saddened victim of an independent thinking woman who won't kiss your...

Too funny!

Given the "poor-me" "victim-envy" mentality presented by Hanabelle and the drama in her drivel, juxtaposed with her inept journalism and sensational tabloid wanna-be format...

I would possibly question if she would be cheezy enough to post her own death threats anonymously in order to gain sympathy for her agenda. If only there were some way to be sure!

As I'm posting this I'm also reminded of an old adage about pig wrestling: Ya both get muddy, but the pig likes it!

Local Yocal said...

Wow Howdy Doody!!! You say Hannabelle isn't even a taxpayer?? She doesn't even own property in the Bradbury area?? Then what the hell does any of this have to do with her? Keep us posted!! I'm sure the people in Bum Fuck Egypt who don't have anything better to do will want to know!

Nothing like getting bitten in the ass by your own brand investigative journalism. Right Hannabelle and Jackie?

Local Yocal said...

Leland Stop it! You're using way too big of words!! Some of us are only 4.0 at the PHD level. I can sense Curt L's pain as he tries to read and pronounce the word juxtaposed.

Mary said...

Quit picking on Mary. I doubt very much that she will have the final say so on Nexus building in your area.

Hannabelle said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your comment, but you're a little behind the times... I haven't picked on "Mary" for about a week now. Please re-read the last paragraph of this article. Thank you. Now, please read it again. Thank you. Still don't get it? Read it again. Thank you. (sigh)